Alameda County Tobacco Control Coalition


The Alameda County Tobacco Control Coalition is a diverse grassroots coalition of educators, professionals, and community members. We work to prevent, reduce, and limit commercial tobacco use in Alameda County through education, advocacy, and policy. We acknowledge that there are sacred uses of tobacco and our work specifically focuses on commercial tobacco.



Our Mission

Our mission is to promote health equity and social justice by supporting a diverse alliance of partnerships to help protect Alameda County residents by eliminating the threats of tobacco use and exposure.



What We Do

Our community engagement strategy includes building dynamic relationships with community agencies and residents. Coalition members educate community members through conducting presentations, tabling at events, speaking at City Council meetings, among other activities. Coalition members are part of a learning collaborative and learn from each other’s expertise about new topics and emerging issues. The Coalition’s diverse makeup reflects its dedication to ensure that all communities throughout Alameda County have their interests and needs addressed.



Steering Committee

Meet our members who are responsible for helping to set the Coalition’s priorities and leading meetings.


Rosalyn Moya
Rosalyn Moya, MPH

Bay Area Community Resources
Project Director, Asian Pacific Islander Coalition for Health Against Tobacco

Jennifer Duncan
Jennifer Duncan, MPH

Eden Youth & Family Center
Substance Abuse Education & Prevention Manager

Audrey Abadilla
Audrey Abadilla

Breathe California
Manager, Advocacy & Community Impact

Scott Gerbert
Scott Gerbert

Alameda County Office of Education




  1. Coordinate community engagement to reduce and prevent tobacco use in Alameda County through policy development and advocacy.
  2. Partner with the Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Program to develop recommendations regarding Coalition activities.
  3. Ensure that Alameda County’s tobacco control plan is implemented successfully.
  4. Inform and educate decision-makers and stakeholders about the adoption of tobacco control policies.




The Coalition was formed in 1990 as a mandate of California’s 1988 Tobacco Tax (Proposition 99). The Coalition’s primary role is to work in collaboration with Alameda County Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Program to identify tobacco control needs and develop strategies to de-normalize tobacco use throughout the county. In the early years, the focus was on ensuring smoke-free workplaces, parks, sidewalks and outdoor dining areas. In recent years, the priorities have shifted to reducing the availability of products that are marketed to youth and addressing the dangers of drifting smoke in multi-unit housing complexes.

To learn about the Coalition’s accomplishments, please view the 2021 American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control Report Card

Alameda County Tobacco Control Coalition

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