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Smoke-Free Housing

Smoke-Free Housing

While smoking has decreased in Alameda County, many individuals are still affected by secondhand smoke every day, especially in their homes. Drifting smoke in multi-unit housing (apartments, condos, etc.) puts everyone in the building at risk since the smoke spreads to other rooms and units. Although homeowners’ associations and landlords can pass their own smoke-free policies, communities are working together to use local laws to protect residents from the dangers of tobacco smoke.

The Coalition’s goal is to ensure that all multi-unit housing residents can breathe clean air in their homes by:


Secondhand Smoke in Housing

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A comprehensive 100% smoke-free multi-unit housing (SFMUH) ordinance includes all residential buildings with 2 or more units, whether rented or owned, and covers all units, patios, balconies, and indoor and outdoor common areas.  Examples of such residential buildings include apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and duplexes. In Alameda County, the cities of Alameda, Albany, Emeryville, and the Unincorporated Areas have comprehensive policies. 

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Policy Status Map

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Make Your Voice Heard

The Alameda County Public Health Department needs your help to complete a survey on smoking in housing in your community.  If you live in Alameda County in a building with 2 or more units, whether rented or owned, we want to hear from you. Please click here to complete our confidential online survey.  This is your opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions which we value greatly. We will share this information when we approach local policymakers about addressing secondhand smoke in their communities. Please note that no identifiable information will be shared.

Click here for local SFMUH policies in each city in Alameda County.


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